Seattle Mariners Top 20 Prospects for 2009 by John Sickels

1) Carlos Triunfel, INF, Grade B+: He has flaws, but holding your own in the Cal League at age 18 is special. High risk, high reward.

2) Greg Halman, OF, Grade B: Another high risk/high reward guy, awesome power/speed potential but huge problems with breaking balls. Could be a B+ but high risk of failure and 2.5 years older than Triunfel.

3) Phillipe Aumont, RHP, Grade B: Impressive arm and good numbers in the Midwest League, but too raw to get a B+.

4) Juan Ramirez, RHP, Grade B: Another live arm who did well at the lower levels but needs additional refinement.

5) Michael Pineda, RHP, Grade B: Doesn’t throw quite as hard as Aumont and Ramirez, but better command.

6) Michael Saunders, OF, Grade B-: Good tools, skills coming along, but high strikeout rate is concerning.

7) Adam Moore, C, Grade B-: Good pop, good arm, still polishing defense. Deserves more attention than he gets.

8) Jharmidy DeJesus, 3B, Grade B-: Another young high ceiling guy with strike zone problems.

9) Dennis Raben, OF, Grade B-: Love the power and patience, but other tools are mediocre, may strike out too much to hit for average.

10) Mario Martinez, 3B, Grade C+: Considering B- based on projection. Worried about low walk rate but very young.

11) Mike Carp, 1B, Grade C+: Power and patience, acquired from Mets, but track record is a bit erratic and scouts give mixed reports.

12) Mike Wilson, OF, Grade C+ Murders lefties, strong power, has some fielding ability too, strikes out a lot. Could be good platoon hitter.

13) Maikel Cleto, RHP, Grade C+: Power arm acquired from Mets. Great fastball, but rather raw.

14) Joshua Fields, RHP, Grade C+: I’m assuming he will sign. Stuff is here, but what about command?

15) Shawn Kelley, RHP, Grade C+: Sleeper prospect could help in bullpen sooner than expected.

16) Matt Tuiasosopo, 3B, Grade C: I think he can be a useful role player, but doubt he will hit enough to start.

17) Ezequiel Carrera, OF, Grade C: Speedy guy acquired from Mets, probably a bench asset eventually.

18) Brett Lorin, RHP, Grade C: Projectable arm from 2008 draft, somewhat raw for a college pitcher.

19) Justin Thomas, LHP, Grade C: Seems to take well to bullpen use, could be fine utility pitcher.

20) Steven Hensley, RHP, Grade C: Another interesting college pitcher from 2008 draft, I think he could surprise if command sharpens up a bit more.


Others: Nathan Adcock, LHP; Denny Almonte, OF; Reegie Corona, INF; Tyson Gillies, OF; Gaby Hernandez, RHP; Donald Hume, LHP; Rob Johnson, C; Jose Lugo, LHP; Julio Morban, OF; Gabriel Noriega, SS; Efrain Nunez, OF; Carlos Peguero, OF; Andrew Pribanic, RHP.


As usual, don’t sweat so much about where the Grade C+/C types rank exactly on this list. After I get past the top 10 I don’t worry so much about exact placement, since I’m trying to concentrate on the book right now. Some of the Grade C guys could be C+ in the book, and vice versa.






農場有許多高風險高報酬的球員,Halman 和 Triunfel 是野手的代表人物,Saunders、Wilson、DeJesus、Martinez 也都是這類型的選手。投手方面,有許多年輕有活力的手臂,不過大都需要多一點的發展時間,Aumont、Ramirez、Pineda 三人可能會很不錯,但是這種投手新秀的耗損也是很快的。



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