EqBRR (by BP)

Equivalent Base Running Runs. Measures the number of runs contributed by a player's advancement on the bases, above what would be expected based on the number and quality of the baserunning opportunities with which the player is presented, park-adjusted and based on a multi-year run expectancy table

EqBRR 基本上是個評斷球員跑壘積效的數據,是由得分期望值的表格,來推算球員每次的跑壘到底為球員多得或少得了幾分。

EqBRR 是以下幾個數據的加總:

Equivalent Ground Advancement Runs (EqGAR):打者擊出滾地球
Equivalent Stolen Base Runs (EqSBR):盜壘
Equivalent Air Advancement Runs (EqAAR):打者擊出飛球
Equivalent Hit Advancement Runs (EqHAR):打者擊出安打
Equivalent Other Advancement Runs (EqOAR):其他狀況


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